Monday, 23 July 2007

Tech Etenal

If you know whats good for you, you'll check it out!!!

They do reviews, and answer questions and help you out where they can

So it is really worth visiting them!!!



Have Fun!!!

Friday, 20 July 2007

Review Time

so I have set up this blog now so i thought i would write my first review.

ø the iPhone?
ø the iPod?
ø the MacBook?
ø an Album?
ø this isn't actually a review at all but when i think of something worhtwhile then i will definately review it....

bye for now

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Make Up For Men

The year is 2007. Cosmetics are ver big nowadays and just about every woman wears some at least if not the full ka boosh. But what about men? Where do they fit in to the scheme of things? in this new milenium what is acceptable for men to wear make up.

I myself know of a few males that wear make up and I am aso partial to a bit of eyeliner ut where draw the line?

Pete burns is very successful and he wears more make up than.... someone who wears an extremely large amount of make up. But somehow he is seen by many people as acceptable. Could I get away with going to schol in lipstick and a dress? No i tell you. but what do you think?

It seems with the ""Emo"" reveloution that hundreds of men are wearing makeup and i've seen what that looks like and i think it looks great but some people disagree. What about men wearing foundaon to smooth off their face. What about lipstick or lipgloss? Is that too far? Why not vote in my poll. I would love to here your views but goodbye for now.



Behold the almighty power of the woman with the alter ego, capable of sending anyoe flying across a room. The inocent husband who can walk through walls. Their son who can talk to computers.
Meet the man running for congress in NYC. There is something special about him though... He can fly.
his younger brother who works as a nurse cqn sorb and power he wants.
the cheerleader from texas who can never die.
or how about the excentric childish man from japan who can baend the space time continuem...

Despite my unbelievably poor spelling....

this television show must be one of the best ever made!!!
At first i thought oh it just seems like all of the rest. but then the fighting and the powers and the amazing unravelling story just completely hoked me in.
I myself am from the UK so we are literally recieving the first episode next wednesday, but thanks to an amazing person i have been able to watch the whle series.

And that was GREAT

so if you haven't seen it already then i suggest you get yourself over to:

this site contains everyepisode of heroes, as well as evey episode of lost, grey's anatomy, prison break, desparate housewives, kyle XY and even shrek 3!!!

I must applaud this blogger in the highest of respects for it is just abslutely fantastic.

thank you so much cucirca.
everyone else...

Go Get Hooked


First of all may i just say welcome. Not just to you me to myself as well as this is a whole new experience. Thank you for being here blah blah blah...

I have just had an epiphany.
I am still at school - I will leave you to guess my age but the point is these blogs can get very popular and if they get enough traffic then you can make big money, although I am perfectly happy with normal sized money. So to set the record straight, after this blog i will only post when there is something owrth posting about and please remember to comr back but goodbye for now.

Equinøx Eclipse

Men in Make Up?